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A boost to the police pension system will cost taxpayers millions.

As Paul Monies reported, the changes will boost the pensions of current officers in the late stages of their careers. Backers of Senate Bill 102, including police unions like the Fraternal Order of Police, said it could help recruitment and retention.

But taxpayers aren't the only ones expecting to foot the bill. Retired police officers drawing their pensions have had just one cost of living increase in 15 years and expect the money spent on the new rates will diminish their chances of getting another.

Gov. Kevin Stitt vetoed SB 102 on May 21. Lawmakers in the House and Senate overrode the veto in the last week of the session, with police officers packing the galleries to watch the override votes in each chamber.

Police union political action committees have contributed more than $60,000 to legislative candidates in the current election cycle.

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